About Us

Med-Con Technologies, LLC

Med-Con Technologies is the management and marketing organization for MedSked products. Headquartered in Clinton, New Jersey, it is responsible for the continued development of our product line (including, most recently, the MedSked Mobile™ app). Med-Con Technologies forms partnerships with best-in-class vendor partners and works closely with the pharma industry, customizing MedSked to meet the adherence requirements of different patient groups.

MedSked in the Beginning

Over 15 years ago, Patricia Londino-Buck was rushed to the emergency room of a New York hospital because she mistakenly took twice the prescribed dose of her medication. To avoid making such a drastic mistake again, Patricia developed the MedSked concept: an intuitive, easy-to-use tool that does not depend on electricity or computer programs to work. After numerous trials, the basic MedSked product was patented.

MedSked Today

Patricia’s brother, Anthony Londino, a business development professional, soon formed Med-Con Technologies. His vision: to work directly with the pharma industry, customizing the design and production of MedSked for its specific needs. In this way, MedSked would have the greatest impact, fulfilling a key role as part of today’s “patient centered” healthcare culture.

Today the MedSked solution has become a leading adherence tool for clinical trials, supporting hundreds of thousands of patients both nationally and internationally. There are multiple MedSked products to help facilitate adherence for every type of drug packaging and medication regimen. And MedSked Mobile introduces the option of remote monitoring/time stamp notification through the convenience of a smartphone.

MedSked: partnering with the pharma and healthcare industries to deliver the full drug therapeutic value to patients.