MedSked Mobile™: Using “Smart Label” Technology for a Breakthrough Adherence Solution

We are proud to introduce the MedSked Mobile app: our breakthrough digital solution for medication adherence tracking and data analysis, and more effective self-management by the patient or clinical trial participant.

By applying state-of-the-art “Smart Label” scanning technology, MedSked Mobile uses the participant’s smartphone to capture data on daily medication activity— at the point of use. This data is made readily available to monitor adherence, and to help patients and trial participants follow and complete their dosage schedule.

MedSked Mobile provides a comprehensive, cost-effective, and easy-to-use adherence tool with minimal requirements for implementation. Its unique features include: 

For pharmaceutical and clinical trial teams

  • Reliable and secure, using Smart Label scanning technology
  • Every dose taken is date and time stamped
  • Excel reports are emailed daily, or can be viewed on demand using MedSked Mobile’s client web portal
  • Our flexible, rules-based platform can track a variety of medication data (e.g., pill count; bottle numbers; missed doses)

For patients and clinical trial participants

  • The convenience of a fully digital process
  • A history of doses taken is available at all times on the patient's smartphone
  • Ability to check status of multiple medications
  • Will receive programmed reminders when doses are due—and timely alarms if doses have not been taken

MedSked Mobile is a free downloadable app, while the pharma manufacturer can pre-apply our Smart Label to any type of drug packaging.