Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Does MedSked Work?

MedSked is a calendarized label sleeve designed to fit any traditional medication bottle. The purpose of the sleeve is to help patients follow their individual medication regimens.  Days of the week—or dose numbers—are logically assembled in columns. This information is associated with “Take Dose” tabs that are removed immediately after medication is taken. And, by sliding the MedSked sleeve down the bottle, patients can see and read the original medication label at any time.

Similar in concept to a Post It note, MedSked provides a conspicuous visual reminder–at the point of medication—to take one’s pill. As soon as medication is taken, the dose tab is removed and discarded. (For clinical trials, there is also the option of retaining the “dose tabs” by adhering them to a by-month calendar sheet, which is handed in at the clinical site.)

MedSked also gives the patient confirmation (and reassurance) that the proper medication dose has been taken. In so doing, it protects against the possibility of under or over-dosing. 

2.  What prevents a MedSked “Take Dose” tab from coming off prematurely?

MedSked is an engineered product designed to ensure that the “Take Dose” tab will remain attached until removed by tearing at the perforation. Our design incorporates specially created micro perforations at the tab level, which make it easy to pull off the tab for each specific day or date one at a time. An adhesive is extended over the micro perforations, further enhancing the tab strength and ensuring that they remain in place.

In addition, our production method includes an extensive quality assurance process. This process makes certain that our tabs are solidly attached and remain stable on the bottle, from the first tab to the last.

3.  By covering the medication label, does MedSked prevent a patient from seeing necessary instructions or information?

No. At any time a patient can slide the MedSked sleeve down the bottle to show the complete medication label.

4.  How does MedSked help a patient “know” he or she has taken their medication?

With MedSked, the process of taking the pill and removing the “Take Dose” tab is so closely aligned that it is extremely difficult to do one without doing the other. Instructions to the patient use text and visuals to emphasize the importance of immediately pulling off the tab the instant a pill is taken. In this way, the “Take Dose” tabs stay current and correspond to the amount of remaining pills.

MedSked is also a reliable dose cross-check system. The number of tabs on the MedSked schedule at any given time should always equal the number of pills left in the bottle. If patients are uncertain or cannot remember whether the “Take Dose” tab was pulled after taking a pill, the number of pills in the bottle can be counted against the number of remaining “Take Dose” tabs.

5.  Is there evidence that MedSked will improve adherence?

Recently, one of our clients documented a 16% increase in PDC for a new myelofibrosis drug dispensed with MedSked. Because the MedSked tab system is simple, non-burdensome, and non-threatening, patients are supported and encouraged to use it and be more compliant in taking their medications.

6. Are MedSkeds cost effective to implement?

The cost to implement MedSked makes it ideal from an ROI perspective. One client who used MedSked independently calculated the financial impact vs. another adherence tool (blister packaging) over the course of a seven-year clinical trial. The client projected savings of $6.40 per patient —a total of $972,000 for the trial.