Industries We Serve

Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharma companies are the largest segment of our MedSked client base. Improved adherence is important to any marketed product or patient support program; however, we have made our biggest impact by providing adherence support for clinical trials, both national and international in scope. (For example, a major pharmaceutical company has designated Med-Con Technologies one of its strategic and preferred Global Clinical Suppliers.)

The MedSked solution can encourage compliance, increase medication persistence, and effectively  track and manage the patient’s use of medication. All of this can result in more accurate trial data and increased trial success. In addition, use of MedSked has been documented to reduce the adherence costs for clinical trials.

Clinical Researh Organizations (CROs)

Given MedSked’s contribution to clinical trials, our adherence solution is equally important to CROs as it is to pharma companies. MedSked can help lower costs and increase trial success, but it can also add value by helping a CRO differentiate itself in competing for new business.

Chain/Retail Pharmacies

In today’s healthcare environment, patients typically see obtaining medications as a commodity purchase. The criteria for choosing a network pharmacy is largely based on convenience vs. quality of service.

By utilizing MedSked, the retail/chain pharmacy sends a different message to its patient/customer. The message is: “We care about your health. It’s important that you follow your medication regime. That’s why we add a MedSked sleeve to your prescription at no additional cost.”

In addition, pharmacies (along with ACOs and physician groups) will have a growing and evolving role in medication therapy management. MedSked can play an integral part in these programs as an effective, patient-friendly adherence tool.

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and Physician Groups

ACOs and physician groups are at the forefront of “patient centered” care.  Their reimbursements are increasingly based on measurable quality of care and positive health outcomes. The MedSked solution is also patient centered. It is designed to make adherence simple and  support self management away from the supervised environment.

Med-Con Technologies is committed to partnering with ACOs and physician groups. Working together, we can find the best ways to utilize MedSked for their patients, helping fulfill the mission of patient-centered care as well as increasing ROI through improved adherence.