The Non-adherence Problem in Clinical Trials

Forgetting to take medication and trying to remember if you took it, are two key barriers to medication adherence resulting in poor clinical trial results and falling short of desired end points.  Today, most adherence tools are high tech, expensive, and complicated to set up and use - the very opposite of what an adherence tool is supposed to be.

MedSked is innovative, easy to use, and cost effective. There is no software to load, no internet service or wireless routers to program or support, no user name or password to enter, and no additional regulatory approvals required.


MedSked is Patient-Centered

Patients are able to begin using MedSked within minutes of opening the support kit. It is designed to promote continued and accurate use of the study medication.

Clinical Trials

Optimal medication adherence is vital in a clinical trial or research study. Clinical trial organizers know the value of simplicity in supporting study participants and providing an easy to use tool helps to increase the success of the clinical trial.

MedSked is ideal for:
• Increasing patient adherence 
• Optimizing medication utilization
• Building stronger relationships between trial participants and trial site teams
• Accurate accountability of study medication

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