MedSked News

New Universal MedSked 1-30:

Med-Con Technologies LLC., in order to facilitate the use of its MedSked 1-30 medication adherence sleeve for its retail pharmacy customers, has introduced the new MedSked 1-30 (one dose per day for 30 days) universal sleeve.  The MedSked universal sleeve now fits multiple sized medication bottles and makes it easier for the pharmacy to provide and patients to use with different medications. 


MedSked Now Patented In Canada and Mexico:

After lengthy application processes, the intellectual property rights for the MedSked label sleeve have been formally recognized by Canada and Mexico, which become the first two countries outside the United States to patent MedSked’s unique medication adherence capabilities.

Canada is one of over 30 countries, where MedSked is being used to support clinical trials. But because of the close relationship between the U.S., Canada and Mexico, the executive management of Med-Con Technologies (which owns and markets the MedSked and MedCon Mobile Smart Label product lines) decided to make the significant effort to obtain patents in these countries.  

“Our U.S. pharma clients do extensive business in Canada,” said Thomas Guarnera, marketing manager for Med-Con Technologies. “It was important for us to be proactive and protect our brand in both countries.”

The new patent also plays a role in Med-Con Technologies’ plans to directly market its medication adherence solution to the Canadian pharma industry. “Our patent speaks to MedSked’s credibility, our years of development and testing,” said Guarnera.  “As importantly, it helps make a statement to pharma companies in Canada: We are committed to your country, and you can count on MedSked as a reliable business partner.”


Going Digital: New MedCon App for Remote Monitoring and Adherence Support

Clinical trial teams need medication adherence data to reliably evaluate the effectiveness of a new drug within the test population. Adherence data is also valuable to better manage a patient’s drug therapy for treatment of severe or chronic conditions. For these reasons, Med-Con Technologies has developed MedCon Mobile, our new smartphone app and portal.

MedCon Mobile employs state-of-the-art "Smart Label" technology to capture an individual's medication activity real-time and re-directs it back to the clinical team, caregiver, or primary care physician.  This powerful option empowers the clinical team and other care providers to monitor the level of adherence and, if necessary, to proactively intervene, helping ensure that the required dosage regimen is fulfilled. At the same time, the app provides a convenient, effective tool to improve self-management by trial participants or patients. Click here for more information about MedCon Mobile.


MedCon Draws Attention and Praise at DIA 2016

2016 is the first year that Med-Con Technologies has exhibited at the Drug Information Association (DIA) annual meeting—an interdisciplinary gathering of 7,000 life science professionals. We could not be happier with our decision, given the positive feedback we received from so many attendees regarding our MedSked solution for patient adherence.

First, we had an opportunity to meet and share our latest news with numerous clients (a process made even easier in the case of Merck, whose booth was located right next to ours).  Second, it was gratifying to see how many non-clients had already heard about MedSked and wanted to get more information. Third, a large number of attendees stopped at our booth and learned about MedSked for the first time.

All were impressed by the way both our traditional bottle sleeve and the new MedCon Mobile app provide consistent adherence support at the point of use. Several shared upcoming projects where MedCon products could play an important role improving patient adherence—especially in the area of clinical trials.

We look forward to participating in DIA 2017. If you would like copies of the information we distributed at this year’s meeting, please email your request to or call 888-654-0856 ext. 125 toll free. 


MedSked Chosen Again for Global Clinical Trial in 2016

One of the world’s leading pharma companies has selected MedSked to support a worldwide clinical trial for a new Alzheimer’s drug, which will extend to 1,500 participants in 20 countries.

This is the fourth clinical trial since 2010 for which the company (which asked to remain anonymous) has utilized MedSked. “The confidence shown by our client in its repeated choice of MedSked could not be more gratifying,” said Anthony Londino, of Med-Con Technologies. “Many factors contribute to our successful partnership, but they all come down to two core advantages: MedSked is patient friendly, and our solution is easy to customize for clinical trial use.”

Examples of custom design features developed by MedSked for this client include the bottle number, medication start date, individual medication dates, and dosing information for extended visit windows. The final MedSked products and instructions will also be translated into twenty-one foreign languages in accordance with the clinical trial locations.


Study Confirms Number of Therapy Days Increased with MedSked

Based on a research study of its internal patient support program, one of our pharma clients found that improved adherence by patients using MedSked resulted in a 16% increase in Proportion of Days Covered (PDC).

The client recently shared with Med-Con Technologies the results of its study, asking to remain anonymous. The study was conducted after a patient support program had been implemented for the client’s new myelofibrosis therapy. Following FDA approval and the product launch, the PDCs for an intervention group using MedSked and a control group were compared. The PDC for the intervention group was 16% higher than that of the control group.

“We’re thrilled to see the effectiveness of our solution independently documented in this way,” said Thomas Guarnera, a Med-Con Technologies spokesperson. “Improved adherence means better patient outcomes, but the financial impact for pharma companies is significant. If a drug that’s projected to generate $100 million in sales achieves a 16% increase in PDC, the pharma company’s revenue would potentially increase by $16 million.”


MedSked Saves $6.40 per Patient Compared to Blister Packaging

The value of MedSked can be seen in many ways: improved adherence; increased Proportion of Days Covered (PDC); etc. But our solution has also been shown to be more cost effective vs. a competitive adherence method.

As noted in our Frequently Asked Questions, one client independently calculated the cost of using MedSked vs. use of blister packaging over the course of a seven-year clinical trial. The client projected savings of $6.40 per patient—a total savings of $972,000 for the trial.


Non-Adherence Costs the Pharma Industry $188 Billion (and It Gets Worse) 

We want to share some amazing statistics from a 2012 Capgemini report on the pharma industry, cited in the brochure for the 7th Annual Patient Engagement, Education and Adherence Summit (February 2016, Philadelphia, PA):

  • The U.S. pharmaceutical industry loses $188 billion annually due to medication non-adherence
  • “The consequences of non-adherence can be fatal—a patient dies every 90 minutes due to an accidental overdose or a missed prescription.”

Capgemini projects that just a 10% increase in adherence rates would generate $41 billion in additional pharma revenues—in the United States alone.

Food for thought.