The MedSked Product Line

1. MedSked 1-30

80% of all prescriptions in the United States are dispensed in traditional medication bottles, and the most frequently prescribed dosage is one pill per day for 30 days. For this reason, the MedSked 1-30 (label shown on right) is our foundation product: the world’s first calendarized, unit-of-use adherence solution for the medication bottle. The 1-30 also provides the template for building our line of fully customizable, easy to implement, and cost-effective MedSked products that meet the specifications of the multiple clients and industries we serve.

The 1-30 corresponds to a monthly calendar. It shows four symmetrical day-of-the-week columns and, in a fifth column, the last two days (or doses) of the medication cycle for the month. The sleeve/tab components clearly present and identify all pertinent information for the patient, including:

  • Drug name
  • Prescription re-fill date
  • Dose start date
  • Current dose date
  • The complete regimen "at a glance" for the month
  • Confirmation of the last dose taken
  • Remaining doses still to be taken
  • Reminders to refill on day 25 and day 30
  • The dose/date for any adverse reaction


2. Other MedSked Products/Customizations

MedSked has a series of other basic products, such as:

  • The MedSked 2-30: Two doses per day for 30 days (shown right on medication bottle)
  • The MedSked 2-14: Two doses per day for fourteen days, a.m. and p.m. (the typical regimen for antibiotics)
  • The MedSked 1-28: One dose per day for 28 days
  • The MedSked 1-40: One dose per day for 30 days plus 10 extra days

A pharma company can choose the basic product closest to its needs, and then specify any level of customization. The label sleeve is promptly produced after an extensive proofing and approval process. Examples of functional customizations include:

  • Labeling by dose number vs. day-of-the-week
  • Specifying the start date for any day of the month vs. starting day one of the calendar month
  • Adapting the MedSked format to attach to a blister pack or other alternative to a traditional medication bottle

The ability to customize basic products reduces the time needed for design, development, and production. Another time-saving factor: MedSkeds are manufactured in the United States, which also shortens the production cycle up to and including fulfillment of orders.


3. Optional Mobile App

In 2016, MedSked introduced a new mobile app for medication adherence. By utilizing "Smart Label" technology, it provides the capability of remote monitoring/time-stamp notification. In addition, the app offers unique tools to support patients in self-managing their drug regimens.


4. Instructional Support

The use of MedSked in any format is simple and highly intuitive. However, each time our adherence solution is used with a new medication, it comes with illustrated “how to” instructions for the patient. (An optional Med-Con web portal is also available for support.)

The pharma company has the option of adding customized information to these instructions. We work directly with the pharmaceutical team, making certain that final instructions are concise, free of jargon, easy to follow, and approved by the client prior to production.